Window decorations

Indulge in the effortless luxury of our electric interior window covers, which effortlessly turn any room into a personalized sanctuary. With simple installation and a variety of color and pattern options, these electric internal blinds provide a distinctive blend of style and functionality for your home. Revel in unparalleled convenience as you manage the lighting in any room, and express your penchant for sophistication and elegance with our unbeatable window decoration solution.

Electric Blinds

Experience the perfect solution with electric blinds, offering effortless control over the amount of light in your space. With remote operation or smartphone apps, easily raise and lower the blinds while adjusting the slat angles. This is the ideal choice for individuals seeking complete control over the light entering a room, all while maintaining a sense of discretion.

Electric Curtains and Drapes on an Electric Curtain Rod

An innovative solution that combines functionality and aesthetics. With these, we can fully control the window coverings without leaving the bed or sofa. Opening and closing curtains becomes quick and convenient. Simply press a button on the remote or in the app, and the entire operation happens effortlessly. If you want to manually move the curtain, you can use the Touch Motion function, which allows you to pull the fabric and initiate its movement, or manually slide the entire material (for example, in a situation where there is a temporary power outage). The use of electric curtains and drapes adds warmth to the interior, gives it a modern character, and ensures a unique appearance.

Electric Fabric Roller Blinds

With the use of an electric drive, roller blinds can be remotely controlled, allowing you to adjust the amount of light and ensure privacy with just one click. They are perfect for bedrooms, providing a peaceful sleep, as well as for living rooms or offices, where they add elegance and style.

Electric Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an excellent choice for residential spaces, hotels, and restaurants. Various fabric options allow for interior customization according to user preferences. Particularly intriguing is the use of semi-transparent Roman blinds in combination with blackout curtains on electric curtain rods, providing comprehensive control over the amount of incoming light. Electric Roman blinds offer a superb alternative to traditionally operated blinds, especially in hard-to-reach areas where manual cord operation would be challenging.

Controlling blinds

In today’s world, people are increasingly seeking solutions that not only provide more significant comfort but also allow full control of their environment. When it comes to internal covers such as electric curtains, blinds, or shutters, there are many different control methods available that enable customized adjustments to suit individual needs. In this article, we will examine the popular methods that make it easy and convenient to control these decorative elements. Take control of your living space’s ambiance with our range of electric curtains, blinds, and shutters. Browse our various control methods and personalize your internal covers to fit your needs- all at your fingertips.

Remote Control of Curtains

One of the most popular ways to control curtains is through the use of a remote control. With it, we can remotely open, close, and adjust the level of lighting or privacy without the need to leave the comfort of our chair. This is a convenient and practical solution, especially in large spaces or rooms with multiple windows.

Control of Curtains with Wall Switch

Another option is the installation of a wall switch, enabling direct control of window coverings from the wall. This is particularly practical when we want quick access to control in specific locations, such as near the room entrance or beside the bed in the bedroom.

Control of Curtains with Touch Motion

An innovative method of controlling curtains is through touch motion, allowing control with a simple hand movement. In this method, a gentle pull on the curtain causes it to shift in the chosen direction.

Control of Curtains with Mobile Application

In the era of smartphones and mobile applications, controlling internal window coverings has become even more accessible. Dedicated applications allow us to remotely manage our curtains, regardless of our location. This is an ideal solution for those who prefer full control over their home, even when they are away. The application can be connected to a voice assistant, providing even easier control over curtains and blinds.

Control of Curtains from a Smart Home System

If we have a smart home system, we can integrate our internal window coverings with the entire smart home infrastructure. This opens up greater control possibilities, such as through time schedules or automatic responses to light or motion sensors. Most smart home systems also offer the option of voice control.