Vide surveillance

Are you in search of top-notch monitoring solutions? Look no further! In our offer, you’ll discover carefully curated systems and equipment that meet the expectations of both small business owners and discerning customers seeking the highest-class surveillance systems. We primarily focus on providing monitoring and security solutions for both businesses and homes. Our range includes analog monitoring, IP-based monitoring utilizing digital data transmission technology, HD-CVI analog monitoring offering high-quality HD and Full HD, and an equally intriguing AHD monitoring system. This extensive and diverse selection ensures the satisfaction of our customers, guaranteeing a solution for every need.

IP Cameras

A more contemporary approach to monitoring comes in the form of network surveillance systems. This advanced monitoring system relies solely on a properly configured internet connection for optimal functionality. One significant advantage of these devices is the ability to manage and configure them remotely. The recorded footage can be conveniently displayed on your computer or mobile phone screen, facilitated by specialized software or mobile applications. This ensures constant observation of activities in and around your home.

Monitoring systems available in iSide’s product lineup stand out for their high quality and durability. Explore our offerings and choose a surveillance solution that best suits your needs. Competitive prices and professional guidance from our qualified store staff further encourage your purchases. Reach out to our consultants to select the optimal monitoring solution for you. Provide yourself and your family with security and the highest quality of protection.